Giving the gift of memories.

Rethinking the way we give gifts. We believe the best gift of all is quality time
with the people you love.

Did you know?

The top 25 most popular wedding gift items over the last 25 years are all physical items. We want to get quality time with friends and family on that list. Let’s work together to create less clutter and more memories.

It’s time for wedding registries
to evolve.

When wedding registries first began in the 1920s, the average age of marriage was 22 years old. This has drastically changed, with the current age of marriage at 32 years old. Many engaged couples are already living together when they get married - leaving less of a need for traditional physical gifts. Yet the wedding industry is still using registries as an opportunity to sell couples items that they don’t actually need.

Harmony Features


Choose experiences from Harmony’s menu of suggestions or create your own. You can also allow your guests to get creative and come up with their own unique experience ideas!

Simple Scheduling

You can easily set up your availability, so that your guests only book experiences when you have planned to be available. This eliminates the stress that could come from trying to coordinate all of these experiences.

Organized and Flexible

You can log in to your account to see all of your upcoming experiences as well as make adjustments. You and your guests will also get email notifications to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Memory Builder

After your experiences you will receive photos of your time together as well as a digital photo album showcasing your celebrations.