Yes, of course! There is an option to register for a cash fund as well as write a custom message requesting some traditional gifts.

Just $50 for the use of the registry! That includes the registry, email invitations and notifications, and the scheduling system.

No problem. You can simply cancel an experience on your registry dashboard, and the gifters will receive an email notification of this. You can let them know that the day or time no longer works for you, and they can re-gift through Harmony.

That is totally understandable! When choosing your gifts, you will have the opportunity to write a custom message for your guests. If this is a concern for you, we recommend addressing it in your message. Here’s an example:

     “We can’t wait to spend time and make some memories with you! However, if this does not fit in your schedule or budget we completely understand. We have also registered for experiences just as a couple - also, your presence on our big day is a gift in itself.”

We get it - maybe going on an adventure with the cousin you don’t talk to all that much isn’t at the top of your list. We encourage you to have an open mind! Harmony Wedding Registry is about getting out of your comfort zone and making some unique memories with people. Who knows? Maybe you find out you and that cousin actually have a lot in common and a new friendship comes from it! Plus, if you also register for experiences just for you as a couple, many of those people will likely send you on those types of experiences.